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Casa Maku makes unique artisanal seitan products. We started developing our own products as we were not satisfied with the products on the market. It all started in our own home kitchen.

We have now 4 products. Seitan steaks, seitan hamburger patties, pulled seitan and seitan chunks. In addition to these we have an excellent red wine sauce that goes well with our steaks and chunks.

We can assure you that our products are high quality and great for restaurant use, and you won’t be disappointing even the most demanding customers with our product range.

Our products are 100% plant based, so they are even suitable for vegans. The structure of the product is very meaty like and they have a hint of a smoky flavor, to bring even more of an exquisite flavor to the food. These products have been perfected for a long time to assure the best taste and quality, and have already been tasted by many different people assuring their popularity.

If you want to hear more about our products please contact us and we can tell you more! We are located in Spain, but we deliver to the EU.

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