Sustainable, beautiful food produced by local artisans


We’re changing the way new food innovations reach the market by working with creative cooks that can range from vegan cheese inventors to grandmothers that produce the best sauce ever.
We work with these creators all the way from ideation through the launch and expanding market reach. These will become our Casa Maku Original products. These flagship products are the most innovative and exciting ones. In addition to our own products, we provide an online marketplace for Casa Maku Endorsed products from small third party producers. Our priority is to ensure that our customers have a good selection of interesting food products to choose from.

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Truly Unique Products

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Vetting and Quality Control


Each chef and their products go through careful vetting and QC process that ensure that all Casa Maku products are unique, high quality and have a clear market need. Innovations progress through our process using real time feedback from YOU.

Making Ethical Food Choices a No-Brainer


Our core business is based on a few key principles:

Ethical food choices must offer an experience that is as satisfying as their less ethical alternatives.

These food choices must be easily accessible to consumers all over the Europe. That's why we deliver them to your home.

It must be fun!
We offer much more than a web portal, we offer an experience where eating the food is only part of the journey.

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